Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), Janaka Rathnayake says that legal action will be initiated from tomorrow (Jan. 30) regarding the officials who have failed to implement a decision given by an independent commission.

Speaking at a special press briefing this evening (Jan. 29), Mr. Ratnayake stated that the role of an independent commission is to act independently, and not to implement the decisions of the political authority.

He also responded to the accusations levelled by Minister Kanchana Wijesekera at a press conference held today, that he had asked ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the post of chairman at a private bank.

The PUCSL chairman further alleged that the minister has revised the electricity tariffs unfairly in order to obtain the people’s money, by forcing them to make the cabinet decision he needs, without properly managing the situation.

“The minister has no intention to provide electricity for the students. That’s why he brings up questions one by one”, he stressed.

Furthermore, Mr. Ratnayake highlighted that he needs only to carry out the duties of the commission independently with no political ties, adding that he receives the required support from the other members of the commission for that purpose.

“The minister talks about the Ceylon Electricity Board without any data. We are talking based on data”, he claimed.
“This should be done scientifically. Here is the political authority using the arbitrary process violating the children’s rights and leaving it to the PUCSL.”

The CEB is going to obtain Rs. 100 billion from the people who have been stuck in economic issues, who are using 30-60 units of electricity, Mr. Ratnayake said, mentioning that it is an unfair process. 

“We will proceed with the proposal that we have calculated in a fair manner. We will not give away this to CEB as requested”, he emphasized.

The PUCSL Chairman further emphasized that the independent commissions are there to properly manage and regulate these matters, but political interferences are being carried out in each and every activity.

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