Proposed electricity tariff hike is unbearable – PUCSL


The Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) says that households falling under the category of low electricity users will be unable to bear a massive tariff hike proposed by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

Speaking at a media briefing today (Jan. 01), its chairman Janaka Ratnayake stated that the CEB should at first present the proposal to the PUCSL for them to consider a tariff hike and that the Cabinet cannot take decisions in this regard.

The CEB announced yesterday (Dec. 31) that the newly proposed electricity tariff hike is expected to be presented to the Cabinet tomorrow (Jan. 02).

As per the proposal, more rates are expected to be charged from households consuming electricity units between 0 – 30, 31 – 60, 61 – 90 and 91 – 120.

The current unit rate of Rs. 8 for households utilizing 30 units or less will be raised to Rs.30, with a hike of 375%.

The tariff for 31 – 60 units consumed, will be increased by 370%, which is an increase of the current rate of Rs. 10 up to Rs. 37. 

The Rs. 10 tariff per unit for households using units between 61 and 90 will be increased to Rs.42. It is a 420% increase than the prevailing rates.

However, this move to increase the electricity tariffs once again has come under heavy criticism of the electricity regulator, the PUCSL.

Chairman of the PUCSL, Mr. Ratnayake further expressed that the CEB is trying to increase the tariffs of low user categories, highlighting that the electricity consumption has been reduced by 15% already, with the earlier tariff hikes.



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