A 21-year-old female has reportedly died after being administered a medication, via a cannula, while receiving treatment at the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital.

Accordingly, the deceased, identified as Chamodi Sandeepani, had been receiving treatment at the Kotaligoda District Hospital for indigestion issues, after which she was transferred to the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

Mother of the deceased explained that Chamodi’s body had ‘turned blue’ and her condition had worsened after the medication in question was administered.

“They administered two medications via the cannula, and immediately after, my daughter told me that something was wrong. She went to the bathroom, and leaned her head against the sink, and collapsed shortly after, her whole body had turned blue”, her mother detailed.

Thus, both the Peradeniya Hospital and the Peradeniya Police have launched an investigation into the matter, while a forensic examination is also due to be conducted on the body of the deceased.

source adaderana