The Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) stresses that all private buses will be exempted from emission testing, starting from January next year.

Joining a press conference held in Colombo, President of the association Gemunu Wijeratne stated that this decision was arrived at in the absence of a practical program for emission testing, adding that steps will be taken to inform the transport authorities in writing in this regard within this week.

“There is a serious crisis pertaining to the emission tests in private buses. Therefore, we, the Private Bus Owners’ Association have taken a decision to refrain from these emission tests from January, as this is not being carried out practically.”

Furthermore, Wijeratne alleged that there is a serious issue with the quality of fuel provided for buses.

“We have continuously informed that the quality of diesel is in a serious crisis. There is a problem with the quality of diesel provided”, he said.

Meanwhile, the LPBOA president stressed that emission tests are neither being carried out for the buses attached to the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) nor for any other government vehicles.

“Private buses also run at the same fare as the SLTB buses and provide the same service. So, no one can use the law in two different manners”, he added.

“Therefore, we will provide a written notification to the Ministry of Transport next week that we will refrain from emission testing for our buses from January”.