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Dengue cases exceed 65,000 mark

The tally of Dengue cases reported for 2023 has surpassed the 65,000 mark, according to the Epidemiology Unit.

As of October 08, 65,178 cases had been reported in 2023, with the highest number of cases from the Colombo district. It stood  at 13,700.

The Western Province has recorded over 31,000 cases, the highest province- wise. The month of October has also logged 692 Dengue cases.

Meanwhile, a total of 38 fatalities have been reported since January 2023.

According to health officials, dengue cases are expected to rise due to prevailing showery conditions.

In this context, people are urged to keep their surroundings clean and destroy mosquito breeding places in order to keep dengue at bay.

Armed forces, police instructed to fully support dengue control program


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