The “Amaadam Sisilasa” Dhamma Sermon Series is held every full moon day with the aim of reaching Buddhist community for a wise and pious society according to a concept of the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Today is the Nikini Full Moon Poya day and the 213th chapter of the Dhamma Sermon was held at the Temple Trees this morning (22nd August) by Ven Dr Kukulpane Sudassi Thero.

During the Dhamma Sermon the Thero stated that “Among the immense contributions made by Prime Minister on behalf of the Buddha Sasana and the country, eliminating the fears of war that harassed citizens for over 30 years and enabling all the citizen to live in harmony and happiness is vital. All the clergy and laity have always valued it. Alleviating dangers and enabling all to live in
peace, on every full moon poya day, this series of sermons heals the minds of Buddhists not only in
Sri Lanka but also in foreign countries.”

Dr. Kukulpane Sudassi Thero then preached the Dhamma, explaining the importance of the “Nikini Full Moon” Poya Day and how core Buddhist spiritual understandings could help oneself during an epidemic situation taking examples from Buddhist history.
Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa and a limited number of individuals were present at the ‘Amaadam Sisilasa’ sermon according to national COVID-19 health guidelines.