The price of a cup of milk tea will be reduced by Rs. 10 from tonight with the price reduction of the milk powder, the All Island Canteen Owners’ Association (AICOA) said today.

AICOA Chief Asela Sampath said the decision was taken from the price reduction of imported milk packets starting tonight.

After reducing the price, a cup of milk tea would be Rs. 90 from tonight, he said.

According to him, the price of a 1 kg packet of imported milk powder would be reduced by Rs. 200, and the price of a 400g packet by Rs. 80 as of tonight.

But certain canteen owners used to sell a cup of milk tea for up to Rs. 140. Therefore, we requested the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to issue a gazette stating the maximum price of a cup of milk tea as Rs. 90, as issued to the egg prices, AICOA Chief Asela Sampath said, and the request made by us was accepted by the CAA.

If any canteen or hotel sells a cup of milk tea for more than Rs. 90, it will be raided with the help of the Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) from next week.

The raid will start in Colombo, and people have requested that I inform them that the prices have not been reduced.

source daily mirror