President’s ‘Capital Market Clubs’ concept for schools in Sri Lanka an investment for future – CSE chief


opportunity to join the stock market and obtain capital to improve their businesses. This knowledge helps to take advantage of that opportunity. The capital market is widely used in developed economies like India. The market capitalization of the stock market is calculated as a percentage of the gross domestic productivity.

It is about 25% in Sri Lanka. In India, it is between 80%-85% and 100% in Malaysia. Accordingly, it is a good example that the contribution of the stock market has a very high impact on the economy of a country. The stock market of our country should also be brought to the same. For that, financial literacy must be at a high level. These capital market clubs are trying to create a platform for that.

As the stock market is conducted on a digital platform, it is easier for today’s youth to handle it. Because all these activities are at a distance of two fingertips. All the operations in the Colombo stock market can be done from anywhere in the world through a mobile phone or a laptop. 

President has decided that it is best to popularize this at the school level because of the closeness between school students and digital technology. That idea is very timely. We have a strong belief that this will be successful.

Students need to think in a new way and they should not wait for the government to provide jobs as done traditionally. With digitization and technology, limitless global opportunities are available to today’s youth. Through this, we expect to provide them with guidance.

Entrepreneurship should be brought to students. We must say that we are fulfilling that responsibility through this program.



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