In a heartwarming moment that bridged the realms of music and diplomacy, President Ranil Wickremesinghe warmly welcomed Kilmisha Yaazhisai.Udayasheelan, the sensational winner of the “Little Champs 2023” reality competition on Zee Tamil, to the presidential residence. Hailing from Jaffna, the 14-year-old prodigy made history by becoming the first Sri Lankan girl to triumph in an Indian reality competition.

The meeting, which took place in Jaffna was a momentous occasion for Kilmisha and her family as they were graciously received by President Wickremesinghe. The President, recognizing the young talent and the pride she brought to the nation, extended his heartfelt congratulations and expressed his best wishes for Kilmisha’s future endeavors in education and her promising musical career.

During the meeting, Kilmisha Udayasheelan, with a voice that resonated with both passion and talent, had the honor of performing a soul-stirring song for President Wickremesinghe. The President, visibly moved by her performance, applauded her skill and dedication, acknowledging the cultural and musical prowess she showcased on the international stage.

Kilmisha’s triumph in the “Little Champs 2023” competition not only exemplifies her musical prowess but also serves as a symbol of cross-cultural collaboration and friendship between India and Sri Lanka. As she continues to pursue her musical journey, Kilmisha Yaazhisai.Udayasheelan stands as an inspiring figure, breaking barriers and making history with her exceptional talent and dedication. ( )