President Ranil Wickremesinghe says he has initiated the groundwork for an education system fit for the 21st century by gathering insights from abroad, experts and student parliaments.

At a recent meeting with Sivali Central College’s student parliament in Ratnapura, the Head of State engaged in a friendly discussion with the 140 student representatives who visited the Presidential Secretariat, the Presidential Media Divsiion (PMD) said.

During the interaction, Wickremesinghe has explained the role of the Presidential Secretariat in Sri Lanka’s government decision-making process, its history and structure.

According to the PMD, he has also shared plans to establish 10 new universities in the country and facilitate higher education opportunities in England and the United States through student loans.

Students will have the freedom to choose their desired subjects, the president said adding that educational reforms, including new technology colleges, are under consideration.

Wickremesinghe encouraged the students to actively participate in college student parliament activities and even invited them to hold meetings in the main auditorium of the Presidential Secretariat, where Sri Lanka’s first parliament convened.

He also acknowledged the presence of students from the previous group, expressing gratitude for the opportunities provided by his administration.