Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa engaged in religious observances at the historic Kiriwehera to receive blessings for the New Year 2022. The two leaders paid homage to the Kiriwehera Dagoba by participating in the Kapruk Pooja, the Gilan Pasa and Medicinal Herbs Pooja.

The Chief incumbent of the Kiriwehera Rajamaha Vihara Ven. Kobawaka Damminda Thera conducted religious observances.

Afterwards, the President and the Prime Minister visited the Mahasen Devala and the historic Kiriwehera and received blessings.

The President planted a white sandalwood sapling at the premises in front of the Kiriwehera Dagoba to mark the end of the year 2021.

Meanwhile, the flower vendors offered flowers to the President on his way to the Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devala from Kiriwehera. The President also engaged in conversation with the people gathered at the sacred site. The President and the Prime Minister also attended the Seth Pirith chanting at the Astapala Bodhi in the premises of the historic Kataragama Maha Devala.

Four hundred Buddhist monks were invited to chant the Seth Pirith. The President and the Prime Minister also awarded scholarships to novice monks. The President and the Prime Minister then called on Abhinawaramadhipathi Ven. Kapugama Saranathissa Thera and received his blessings.

The President also carried the relics casket for the annual Pirith Pinkama organised by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party at the Kataragama Sacred Site.

Ministers, Governors, Basnayake Nilame of the Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devala, Secretaries to Ministries, Commanders of the three Armed Forces, the Inspector General of Police and government officials were also present at the occasion.