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Announcement by Police regarding the Haratal campaign

It has been reported that various protests and Hartal campaigns are being conducted throughout the island on May 6th.

It is reported that some groups are threatening to businessmen that do not want to join the harthal. It has also been revealed that some groups are exerting various pressures not to open their businesses. The Sri Lanka Police respects the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to the public. However police emphasize that those who obstruct businesses under the guise of enjoying fundamental rights will be dealt with directly under criminal law.

The Sri Lanka Police is obliged to take legal action against any person who behaves in a riotous or violent manner during the Hartal campaign.

Police urge the public not to interfere with the rights of other people’s during protests and to respect the law of the country.

Sri Lanka police issued a special announcement regarding the Haratha campaign. Video

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