Police Media Division says investigations are continuing in connection with sexually abusing the minor girl for over a three months through Internet incident. Police further says so far 41 suspects arrested over the sexual exploitation of a 15 year old girl from Mt.Lavinia. The girl is also being raped by her father in 2018 and mother was also arrested for aiding and abetting these crimes taken.

Police is further analyzing all phone records, internet sites, bank account details, CCTV as well as other information. Court has been requested to ban several websites which use these type of sexual activities. Court has inquired from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission TRC further details. Police is investigating to identify such existing other websites.

Attorney General AG has appointed an Additional Solicitors General and several lawyers to speed-up the investigations and provide legal advices. The main objective is to speed-up the investigation and file law suits against all the suspects. Police further says all the suspects will be produce before Colombo Magistrate Court Room number 6.