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Over 100 train derailments reported thus far in 2023

More than 100 train derailments were reported just within the first eight months this year, Sri Lanka Railway says.

As per the railway department’s official figures, there had been reports of 109 derailments in total between January and October.

Speaking to Ada Derana on the matter, General Manager of Railway N.J. Indipolage attributed the incidents of derailments to shortcomings in the repair activities and the defects in train carriages.

Meanwhile, a total of 61 incidents of collisions involving trains and vehicles have been reported on level crossings thus far in 2023, killing 12 people and injuring 62 others.

In addition, 353 incidents of people being hit by trains were reported over the past few months, due to suicide attempts and carelessly walking on railway tracks. In these accidents, 154 people have lost their lives while at least 203 were injured.




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