In the midst of a challenging economic situation, Sri Lankan authorities and financial institutions are raising alarm bells over a surge in online scams targeting unsuspecting individuals seeking additional income and profits. The police, in collaboration with banks, are issuing urgent warnings to the public, urging heightened vigilance to protect against fraudulent activities.

Caution Against Sharing Sensitive Information: Avoid Disclosing Usernames, Passwords, PINs, Card Numbers, OTPs, or Making Payments in Response to Suspicious Requests via Calls, SMS, Emails, or Social Media.

Law Enforcement and Banks Unite in Warning

As the economic crisis continues to grip the nation, opportunistic scammers are preying on the financial uncertainties of the public. Sri Lanka’s law enforcement agencies are joining forces with leading banks to caution citizens about the prevalence of online scams that could lead to financial losses and compromise sensitive personal information.

Security Notice from Banks

In a joint statement, the banks have issued a critical security notice, imploring citizens to exercise caution in their online interactions. The notice emphasizes the following key points:

Avoid Sharing Sensitive Information: Individuals are strongly advised not to disclose sensitive details such as usernames, passwords, PINs, card numbers, or OTPs under any circumstances.

Be Wary of Suspicious Requests: The public is warned against making payments in response to suspicious requests received through various channels, including calls, SMS, emails, and social media.

No Third-Party Access: Authorities and banks are emphatically urging citizens not to grant third parties access to their accounts, credit cards, or online and mobile banking facilities, regardless of the circumstances.

Exercise Caution Online: Individuals are advised to refrain from registering their card details on unsolicited websites and to avoid signing up for awards or prize offers related to potential scams.

Immediate Reporting of Fraudulent Attempts: In the unfortunate event of falling victim to a fraudulent attempt, the notice emphasizes the importance of promptly notifying the bank to mitigate potential financial losses.

Banks Prioritize Customer Security

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, banks are reaching out to their customers with a dedicated plea to prioritize the security of their financial information. Customers are urged to stay informed about common scams, exercise diligence online, and share this critical information with friends and family to collectively strengthen the community’s resilience against scams. (