Minister of Energy and Power Kanchana Wijesekera has asserted that no new recruitments would be made for the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), despite there being over 1,000 employees scheduled to retire in 2023.
Taking to Twitter, Wijesekera noted that the total salaries and other allowances for the months of September, October and November amounted to a figure ranging from Rs. 3.5 billion, to Rs. 3.7 billion.
Thus, although over 1,100 employees are set to retire in 2023, the Minister noted that no new recruitments would be made.

Earlier today (29 Dec.), speaking with regards to the electricity tariffs, Minister Wijesekera noted that with the current tariff structure, CEB earned a total revenue of Rs. 33.6 billion in October and Rs. 35.6 billion in November.

However, the Board’s requirement of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Naptha and Diesel to operate power stations for the month of January is Rs. 35 billion, Wijesekera explained, emphasizing that the requirement for coal payments alone for January is Rs. 38.45 billion.

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