Emphasizing the monumental responsibility borne by the security forces in protecting the sovereignty of the country, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said that no external interference or restrictions should be tolerated. 

President Wickremesinghe, serving as the Chief Guest at the Parade of Cadet Officers during the ceremony of Colours Re-Awarding and Commissioning Parade of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Diyatalawa this morning (16), highlighted the security forces’ role in safeguarding both the people’s sovereignty and the distinctive identity of Sri Lanka.

He emphasized that any attempt to act independently based on racism or religion would pose a threat to the Sri Lankan identity, the President’s Media Division (PMD) said.

In his address, President Wickremesinghe expressed his admiration for the Sri Lankan Army, acknowledging its talent and proud history. He underscored the collective responsibility of all individuals joining the army to uphold its esteemed legacy.

Addressing the officers and women present, the President urged them to provide fearless leadership to those under their command. Emphasizing that true leadership emerges during challenging times, he encouraged everyone to dedicate themselves to fulfilling their responsibilities for the betterment of the country. 

The President reaffirmed Sri Lanka’s status as a sovereign state, emphasizing the nation’s history of independence since 1948. He underscored that the sovereignty of the country belongs to its people, with governments elected through popular vote. The President emphasized the foundational importance of the Sri Lankan identity, urging all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim, to work collectively to safeguard and preserve the national identity.

Referring to economic matters, President Wickremesinghe stressed the need for increased economic growth in the country. He drew attention to the consequences of a collapsing economy, noting its impact on the overall vitality of the nation. The President emphasized the importance of social progress alongside economic advancement, highlighting the need for equal treatment of all citizens. He called upon each group within society to play a role in protecting this framework, extending the responsibility from the President downwards. 

The President emphasized the profound responsibility of the army in safeguarding the sovereignty of the country. He asserted that this duty should remain unquestionable and impervious to any attempts to restrict or compromise it. Simultaneously, the President underscored the importance of protecting the people’s sovereignty and preserving the unique identity of Sri Lanka. He warned against any actions or attempts to fracture the national identity based on racism or religion, emphasizing the potential harm such endeavours could inflict on the essence of Sri Lanka.

-daily mirror