Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the nature or extent of the challenges will not matter in fulfilling the promises made to the people. Development works continue in the country while taking necessary steps to control the COVID-19 pandemic. The President also pointed out that the economy, which had been collapsed for nearly two years, is gradually recovering.

The President made these remarks participating in the first round of discussions in a series of sessions with professionals representing various fields, held at the President’s House on February 11.  

The professionals who participated in the discussion said that they are further committed to make the national programme a success by giving the necessary strength to achieve the goals desired by the President.

The majority of the people are positive about the President’s programme. The professionals vehemently rejected the allegations spread by some sections with the objective of achieving narrow political agendas. They pointed out that Sri Lanka is moving forward systematically at a time when the entire world is in a deep economic crisis.

Experts in the field said that the new approach to agriculture initiated by the President is being continuously supported at by the researchers and entrepreneurs who are engaged full time in these fields.

The experts highlighted the need to focus on renewable energy sources and stressed that they would unconditionally support the government to remove existing barriers in this regard.

Representatives from a wide range of fields including education, policy, sociology, agriculture, research, water and renewable energy, medical, engineering and innovation were present at the discussion with the President.

Ministers, State Ministers, Members of Parliament, the Governor of the Central Bank, the Secretary to the President, the Principal Advisor to the President and many others were also present.