In a major boost for Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, renowned vlogger Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin, has released a video about Sri Lanka.

In a recent Facebook post, Nas Daily shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This is the most beautiful train ride. You will see beautiful nature. Beautiful culture. And beautiful people. Welcome to one of my favorite countries in the world: Sri Lanka. Thank you to Tourism Sri Lanka for welcoming me to your beautiful country.”

Recently he signed an agreement to collaborate with Tourism Sri Lanka. The popular content creator, with millions of followers across various platforms, expressed his excitement about showcasing the beauty of Sri Lanka to the world.

Under the agreement, Nas Daily is slated to produce three videos highlighting the diverse attractions of Sri Lanka, with a focus on promoting tourism and attracting investments to the country. This collaboration is expected to significantly contribute to Sri Lanka’s efforts in enhancing its global appeal as a top travel destination. ( )