Massive Ponzi Scheme Unveiled as Metaverse Foreign Exchange Group (MTFE) Collapses, Investors Lose Over $1 Billion


In a stunning turn of events, Metaverse Foreign Exchange Group (MTFE), touted as a major player in online investment, has shuttered its operations, leaving countless investors reeling from losses exceeding US$ 1 billion. The unsuspecting victims, drawn in by the promise of lucrative returns, have fallen prey to what investigators now reveal to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of our time.

However, MTFE fraudulent app still resides on the Google paly store waiting for the next group of victims. 

Scam of the century as Metaverse Foreign Exchange Group (MTFE), one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes, shuts down with unsuspecting investors losing over a $1 billion dollars to the promoters.

MTFE Group, masquerading as a trading service provider for foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and other investment products, has been unmasked as a fraudulent entity with no legitimate trading operations. Instead, it functioned as an unlicensed forex broker, employing classic Ponzi tactics to entice existing investors to bring in new ones with alluring bonuses that were simply too good to be true.

The disconcerting revelations extend further, as it has come to light that MTFE’s self-proclaimed “trading application” bore no resemblance to actual financial trading. The situation has escalated to the point where all withdrawal requests have been frozen under the guise of concerns over the KYC (Know Your Customer) system, sending shockwaves through the investor community.

Echoing a grim episode reminiscent of the infamous MMM era, the impact of MTFE’s collapse has struck hardest in Northern Nigeria, home to the majority of the victims. This serves as a stark reminder of the crucial role that education and awareness play in protecting individuals against Ponzi schemes and deceptive crypto projects.

Recent legal actions have also shed light on the far-reaching scope of MTFE’s deceit. Sri Lanka’s Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court, acting on evidence presented by the Financial and Commercial Crimes Investigation Division, imposed a travel ban on five key figures within the MTFE Sri Lanka Group. One of these officials had already absconded to Dubai, UAE, evading potential repercussions. Sri Lanka’s Central Bank has initiated an investigation into the MTFE Sri Lanka Group, classifying its operations as a pyramid scheme – a prohibited activity within the country.

This colossal downfall of Metaverse Foreign Exchange Group serves as a stark warning about the dangers lurking within the investment landscape. It underscores the necessity for investors to exercise due diligence, seek reliable information, and stay vigilant against the allure of unrealistic returns that may ultimately lead them down the treacherous path of fraudulent schemes.

In the wake of the MTFE crisis, investors now share a collective duty: to bolster themselves against the looming threat of future Ponzi schemes.


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