In a bid to bring relief to consumers during the festive season, Lanka SATHOSA has declared a significant reduction in prices for ten essential commodities effective immediately, lasting until December 31st. The move is aimed at easing the financial burden on households and making essential goods more affordable for all.

Key Price Reductions:

Sathosa Milk Powder: Consumers will enjoy a Rs. 10 reduction on Sathosa milk powder, providing a welcome price cut for a staple in many households.

Imported Canned Fish (425g): The price of imported canned fish sees a substantial decrease of Rs. 55, offering consumers an affordable option for this popular protein source.

Potatoes: A Rs. 15 reduction on potatoes is expected to benefit consumers who regularly include this versatile vegetable in their daily meals.

Imported Potatoes: Imported potatoes will also witness a reduction of Rs. 15, making them more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Red Nadu (1kg): The price of Red Nadu rice is reduced by Rs. 8 per kilogram, making it an economical choice for those who rely on this staple for their dietary needs.

White Nadu (1kg): White Nadu rice sees a Rs. 7 reduction per kilogram, offering consumers an affordable option for this essential food item.

Chickpeas: Consumers will benefit from a Rs. 5 reduction on chickpeas, providing a cost-effective option for those who include this protein-rich legume in their diet.

The price adjustments are applicable across all Lanka SATHOSA outlets nationwide. The reduced prices are effective immediately and will remain in effect until December 31st, giving consumers an opportunity to make the most of these cost savings during the holiday season.