A meeting to inform about the Janasabha system (People’s Council” was recently held at the National Janasabha Secretariat. This awareness was jointly organized by the National Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations and the National Janasabha Secretariat and nearly 100 non-governmental organizations operating throughout the island participated.

The non-governmental organizations expressed their appreciation for the Janasabha system proposed by the Jathika JanaSabha Secretariat and agreed to provide the necessary support for the implementation of the Janasabha system.

The Board of Directors of the Jathika Assembly Secretariat, including Mr. Sanjeeva Wimalagunaratne, Director General of the Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations, Mr. Ravindra Hewawitharana, Secretary of the Assembly Secretariat, and Mr. Palitha Lihiniyakumara, Director General of the Assembly Secretariat, participated in this awareness.