According to Department of Census & Statistics, overall rate of inflation as measured by National Consumer Price Index on Year-on-Year basis is 45.3% in May 2022.

The Year-on-Year inflation of the food group increased to 58.0% in May 2022 from 45.1% in April 2022 and the Year-on-Year inflation of the non-food group increased to 34.2% in May 2022 from 23.9% in April 2022.

Price increases of food items were mainly reported for Rice, Milk powder, Vegetables, Fresh fish, Bread, Chilli powder, Dried fish, Mysore dhal, Chicken, Sugar, Wheat flour, Limes, Dried chilies, Biscuits, Eggs , Potatoes, Coconut oil, Curry powder, Buns, Soft drinks, Fresh fruits, Coconuts, Infant milk powder, Gram, Garlic , Big onions ,Green gram and Canned fish. However, decreases in index values were reported for Turmeric powder and Green chilies.