Due to the increase in heat during the day and night, there is an increase in the spread of skin diseases such as sweat blisters and eczema among children, Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera said.

He told the media that the skin diseases were increasing due to not bathing the children due to the increased heat and sweating.

The doctor advised parents and grandparents not to be afraid to bathe the children in the high heat.

“Skin diseases increase if we do not let children bathe. Let the children bathe and play with water for at least 20 minutes during the day or even in the evening,” he said.

“Skin diseases can be controlled by bathing. As doctors, if we ignore this situation, it may reach the stage of bacterial infections, can cause pus blisters and, in addition, cause fever and complications. Therefore, we remind the parents to prevent this condition from occurring.

source daily mirror