Getting heart surgeries done for the children suffering from heart diseases from Amrita Medical Institution in India

Amrita Hospital in India
Amrita Hospital in India

In Sri Lanka approximately 3,000 children are born with heart diseases every year and 1,500 – 2,000 out of them require surgical treatment. Although such children are directed to Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Colombo from most of the hospitals in the island, the hospital is equipped with only performing approximately 900 surgeries per annum.

Therefore, until necessary actions are taken for providing sufficient facilities for surgical theatres and cardiological emergency treatments under the Little Heart project in operation at the moment, the International Rotary Club, 3201 district in India and the Colombo West Rotary Club RID 3220 have agreed to implement a joint project under Rotary funds for a period of two years for facilitating to perform complex cardio surgeries for children at the Amrita Medical Institution (Amrita Hospital) situated in Kotchi, India with the intention of redressing the jam existing in regard to cardio surgeries.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal furnished by the Minister of Health to sign a memorandum of understanding between, the International Rotary Club, 3201 district in India, the Colombo West Rotary Club RID 3220 and the Ministry of Health in order to implement the relevant programme.


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