State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna at the media briefing held at the Ministry today confirmed that the prices already announced by the Rice Mill Owners ‘Association are not justifiable.

Sri Lanka government decided to import rice due to prevailing rice scarcity in the market. Also the Cabinet decided to cancel the
prevailing maximum controlled prices of rice with immediate effect.

Following the removal of price controls, the Large-Scale Mill Owners’ Association have announced revised retail prices for rice.

The following prices of three types of rice per kilogram were announced by the chairman of the association, Dudley Sirisena during a media briefing.

Nadu – Rs. 115.00
Samba – Rs. 140.00
Keeri Samba – Rs. 165.00

State Minister further said that the actions have been taken by the Ministry of Trade today on advice of Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana, Minister of Trade to import 100,000 MT of rice based on the decision taken at the said Cabinet meeting.

A decision has been taken by the Cabinet of Ministers to rescind the Gazette Notification issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority regarding the Maximum Retail Price of Rice. Accordingly, the Consumer Affairs Authority will cancel it by September 29 once the decision is received.

The Cabinet of Ministers has taken this decision honestly to protect both Farmers and Consumers. However, if any party tries to increase prices making use of decision unjustifiably, the Government with the Consumer Affairs Authority will intervene responsibly in the market to rectify the situation.