A Hartal movement has reportedly been launched in Northern and Eastern provinces today, through a joint statement issued by 07 Tamil political parties, demanding justice for Mullaitivu District Judge T. Saravanarajah who resigned from his position due to alleged death threats.

Concurrently, the relevant parties are also protesting the construction of new Buddhist temples in the Northern and Eastern provinces and distributing the land plots used by Tamil national dairy farmers to the Sinhala community, through this Hartal movement, as per the sources.

However, it is reported that regardless of the Hartal movement, students of the schools in Vavuniya District have attended the schools since the term tests are in progress.

The public institutions in the relevant areas are also operating as usual.

Although all the shops in the Vavuniya District were closed in view of the Hartal movement, all other services within the locality appeared to be operational as usual.