Presidential Advisor Dr. R.H.S Samaratunga, addressing the Panel Discussion of the National Law Conference 2023, has emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of land laws, labour laws, capital laws, and technology laws in order to meet the requirements of a competitive economy.

He noted that the Presidential Secretariat is currently examining a series of new legislation drafts that address these four crucial sectors.

The Labour Ministry has taken into account the concerns raised by both employers and employees and has formulated a new unified law that aligns with the current trends in employment worldwide.

Dr. Samaratunga stressed that the traditional notion of an eight-hour fixed-term employment is no longer the sole standard. The modern labour law includes provisions that embrace the flexible nature of today’s job market.

Dr. Samaratunga expressed confidence that the government would soon take up the proposed legislation and ensure its thorough evaluation through the parliamentary process.

He highlighted that the new labour law is expected to promote increased participation of women in the labour force, acknowledging the importance of gender equality in economic development.

Furthermore, he said the government is committed to accelerating the process of digitalization to bolster the economy.

Recognizing the potential benefits of digital advancements, the government aims to adopt a speedy and effective approach towards embracing new technologies and their integration into various sectors.

The proposed reforms in land, labour, capital, and technology laws signify the Government’s commitment to creating an environment that fosters competitiveness and adaptability in the face of evolving economic challenges. As the nation moves forward, these legislative changes are poised to shape a more inclusive and dynamic economy, stimulating growth and progress for all.

The National Law Conference 2023 adopted a novel strategy for the first time in history, by dedicating its platform to discuss the national interest of Sri Lanka and the pivotal role of the legal community. The conference, noted for addressing legal topics relevant to everyday practice, aims to prepare participants and resource persons from diverse backgrounds to adopt a fresh approach, foster new connections, and tackle complex challenges in various demanding environments.

The National Law Conference 2023 served as a platform for legal practitioners and stakeholders to unite and contribute towards the nation’s development. With its focus on the national interest and the importance of an independent judiciary, the conference aimed to build consensus, forge partnerships, and drive positive change for Sri Lanka’s future.

The National Law Conference 2023/24 was held from June 02-04, 2023 at the Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya. During the second segment of the conference, focussed on sectoral views on strengthening the Economy, a number of both local and foreign key stakeholders gave their comments.

They also commended the effort of the BASL in organizing such a conference and appreciated the Government’s genuine efforts to recover the country from the crisis and extended their support in rebuilding the country focusing on areas in which they could contribute to.


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