The GLOCAL Fair 2023, which presents Sri Lankan citizens with opportunities of foreign employment, will be held in Jaffna this year, Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara stated.

Taking to Twitter, Nanayakkara affirmed that the second edition of the programme will be held in Jaffna, to ensure that all Sri Lankans are treated equally.

“It is time to make the so called reconciliation a reality and walk the talk. That is why I decided to bring Glocal Fair to Jaffna”, the Minister said, blaming the existing divisions of caste and creed on the actions of politicians.

“We were divided and controlled by selfish politicians that distances us for decades”, he said in this regard.

The inaugural session of the GLOCAL Fair was held in Galle last year, and was the first initiative of its kind, addressing a majority of the issues of the country’s workforce under one roof.