LITRO Gas Chairman says it will at least take 3 weeks to normalize the distribution of gas to the market. Litro Gas says delay is due to slowdown the production process as the company is recalling the earlier released blue and black labeled cylinders from the market.

Presidential Committee that probed gas incidents says the cause for gas explosions was the change in the gas composition. Later CAA allowed Gas Companies to issue domestic gas to the market under strict conditions.

Police says that over 800 incidents related to LP gas had been reported in Sri Lanka from November 1 to December 19.

Out of them, over 400 incidents were related to the shattering of tempered glass on the gas cooker and the explosion of gas cookers, while about 300 incidents were related to gas leakage. There had been 15 incidents where the regulator had been damaged and in another 50 cases the flexible hose had been damaged.