In a significant move to address the nutritional needs of young students, the Minister of Education, Dr. Susil Premajayantha, has announced comprehensive measures to provide daily lunches to all children in grades 1-5 starting from March 2024. With approximately 1.6 million children enrolled in primary sections across the country, the government has earmarked an impressive 16 billion rupees for this initiative.

Minister Premajayantha emphasized the importance of ensuring that every child receives a nutritious meal during school hours. To achieve this goal, the daily allocation for providing lunch has been increased to Rs. 110 per child. This financial boost is expected to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of meals served to primary section students, contributing to their overall well-being and academic performance.

Furthermore, Minister Premajayantha highlighted that all necessary preparations have been completed for the upcoming academic year. He confirmed that all school textbooks required for 2024 have been printed and are ready for distribution. Additionally, arrangements have been made to promptly provide textbooks and uniforms to students immediately after the conclusion of the third term.