Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers Union says that power cuts for 1 hour 45 minutes under 4 categories will be carried out today from 2.30 pm to 9.30 pm in order to balance out the electricity system.

Meanwhile Ceylon Electricity Board Spokesman say that several areas will experience nearly 1-hour power cuts tonight.

Engineers at Kelanithissa power plant says Kelanitissa combined cycle power station with a capacity of 165MW and GT7 thermal power plant (115MW) shut down due to lack of fuel.

Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation CPC says they will supply 1000 MT of fuel daily to Kelanithissa Power Station till January 22.

Yesterday, A 63 MV power generator at Kelanitissa Power Plant and power generation Sapugaskanda plant shut down due to lack of fuel. Later, Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation CPC supplied 900MT of fuel.