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Electricity tariff increase in February based on wrong data: Fmr PUCSL chairman

The reduction of the current electricity tariffs proves that the increase in electricity tariffs in February was based on wrong data, Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Chairman Janaka Ratnayake said

While issuing a statement he points out that some of the data presented by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) for tariff revisions are incorrect and a proper investigation will prove the same.

“Last February, the Ceylon Electricity Board proposed to increase the tariffs by 66%. But at that time, the actual cost data revealed that a 30% tariff increase was sufficient. Therefore, I opposed the 66% tariff revision. We should have limited the rate increase to 30% at that time, in order to protect 5 million electricity consumers as well as minimize the negative impact on the economy,” he said.

Due to political pressure, three members of the Commission approved the proposal presented by the CEB as it is. Today they themselves have admitted that the CEB data is wrong. That is why the CEB has decided to reduce the electricity tariffs by 14% instead of the proposed reduction of 3%.”

Former chairman emphasized that he is committed to protecting the rights of not only electricity consumers but also all consumers who are suffering due to various injustices.

source daily mirror

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