In light of the final works being carried out on the Hambantota – New Polpitiya 220 kV high voltage transmission line, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) extends a request to the local community to refrain from flying kites in the vicinity of the transmission line. This plea comes as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of both residents and workers during this crucial phase of infrastructure development.

The Hambantota – New Polpitiya transmission line, a significant infrastructure project aimed at enhancing the electricity transmission capabilities of the region, is nearing completion. As the final touches are being added to the line, the CEB emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety guidelines to prevent any potential accidents or interruptions to the project’s timeline.

Earlier, Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited said kite flying within a five-kilometer radius of airports to be a punishable offense. The announcement was made by the aviation authority, and it comes as a measure to mitigate potential risks posed by kites to aircraft operations.