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Decision from Public Service Commission regarding annual transfers

The Public Service Commission has requested all the department heads and ministry secretaries to immediately implement the transfers given for the year 2024 under the Annual Transfers. The Secretary of the Public Service Commission has submitted this request in writing.

The commission stated that although the decisions of the commission regarding the appeals received in relation to the annual transfers for the year 2024 have been notified so far, further requests are being made from various parties regarding the matter.

As a result, some of the transfer cycles given under the Annual Transfers have not been implemented and therefore other officers in the relevant transfer cycles have been prejudiced, the commission highlighted, adding that the officers who are dissatisfied with the decisions given by the Public Service Commission in relation to annual transfers can submit their appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Nevertheless, the Public Service Commission has informed the Ministry Secretaries and Heads of Departments that pending the decisions of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal regarding the appeals, the relevant transfers should continue as they are.

Accordingly, it has also been informed not to make repeated requests to the Public Service Commission regarding the 2024 annual transfer orders and to release the officers who have formally been transferred from their service.

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