Sri Lanka’s COVID death toll passed the 6000 mark with 161 COVID19 deaths confirmed. According to the Director General of Health Services these deaths had taken place August 14 and the total number of fatalities in Sri Lanka increased to 6096. 

161 deaths reported due to COVID-19 within 24-hours, stated the Department of Government Information. The Director General of Health Services confirmed that 161 deaths occurred on August 14 due to the COVID. This is the highest single-day confirmed deaths in Sri Lanka. Over 1500 coronavirus related deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka last 14 days.

Among the dead are 83 males and 78 females. The majority of the deaths numbering 122 is of the people in the 60 years and above age group. There was 1 death below 30 years age.

According to the data reported by the Government Information Department, the total deaths due to Covid-19 since the pandemic began last March has now risen to 6096.