The Sri Lanka Army has taken steps to grant permission for 07 Kovils inclusive Kaduwan Muttumari Amman, Vasavilan Manampirai , Visavilan Shivam , Vasavilan Naga ,Palali Raja Rajeswari , Palali Naga Thampilan, Palali Shaktiveli Murugan which located in high security zone areas within the territory of Security Forces Headquarters -Jaffna to hold the weekly Poojas and other rituals related for the worship of the general public.

According to the decision taken by Sri Lanka Army, the Civilians were allowed to perform weekly poojas in the aforesaid hindu Kovils. The decision related to granting permission to conduct weekly poojas and other rituals were taken after considering the several requests made by the Kovil trustees and civil organizations to allow weekly Poojas to Major General Chandana Wickramasinghe , the Commander of the Security Forces Headquarters -Jaffna. Previously, the permission was only issued on monthly poojas and other special poojas in the aforesaid Kovil premises.

In addition, though the Tellippalai Divisional Secretariat had informed the Security Forces Headquarters -Jaffna, that 291 Civilians would participate in the weekly Pooja which started last Friday (23), only 50 people participated for the rituals. Accordingly, the devotees had visited only four kovils inclusive of Kadduan Muttumari Amman Kovil, Vasavilan Manampirai Kovil, Vasavilan Shivam Kovil as well as Vasavilan Naga Kovil.

Sri Lanka Army provided all the necessary facilities inclusive of Health, Transportation and Sanitation for the devotees for the entire period of said Poojas and other rituals. This occasion was also graced with the participation of the Divisional Secretary of Thelippalai.