China has handed over a total of 1.55 million syringes of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Injection (Epiao) to Sri Lanka.

This is the last batch of its essential medical supplies donation to Sri Lanka, worth at least LKR 6 billion, the Chinese embassy in Colombo mentioned in a tweet.

The shipment came in 9 temperature-controlled containers (3,231 packages) with a total of weight over 61.32 tonnes.

In December 2022, China delivered a consignment of essential medicines and medical supplies worth LKR 2 billion, which contained 8 million infusion sets, 1.2 million vials of omeprazole sodium for injection, 1 million capecitabine tablets, 612,720 PF. syringes of enoxaparin sodium injection, 240,000 bottles of sodium valproate tablets, and 100,800 ampoules of heparin sodium injection.

According to the embassy, China has donated essential medical supplies worth LKR 6 billion to Sri Lanka since June 2022.

source Adaderana

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