A situation has been created in the country where at least one elephant death is reported a day, Environmentalist Nayanaka Ranwella said.

He told the media that due to the digging of trenches in forest areas during the previous government with the aim of receiving the tender for trench digging, selling the soil and looting antiquities under the guise of trench digging, a large number of wild animals, including elephants, are falling into them and are suffering in pain.

These trenches are at least 10 feet deep and at least five feet wide. They have been dug along the borders of forest lands.

Most of these trenches were dug uring the period of Gotabaya Rajapaksa and our association were against those activities while pointing out their disadvantages, the environmentalist claimed. 

Forest density shrinks to 16%, 395 elephant deaths reported in 2022: CENS