Government Extends Welfare Benefits under “Aswesuma” Program

Aswesuma Benefits Program New Registration
Aswesuma Benefits Program New Registration

In a recent development, the Sri Lankan government has taken significant steps to expand welfare benefits to support vulnerable families through the “Aswesuma” program. As part of this initiative, 1,280,000 families currently receiving Samurdhi assistance have applied for Aswesuma. Out of these applications, an impressive 887,653 families have been found eligible to receive the extended benefits.

Recognizing the need to further support those who are not qualified for Aswesuma but still benefit from Samurdhi, the government has decided to extend the Samurdhi allowance to an additional 393,094 families during the appeals and objection process. This compassionate approach ensures that families in need continue to receive the necessary financial assistance until their cases are thoroughly reviewed.

During this expansion of welfare benefits, the government emphasizes that elderly, kidney patients, and disabled individuals currently receiving assistance will continue to receive their allowances without any changes. The distribution of elderly allowances will be facilitated through post offices, while kidney and disabled allowances will be provided through divisional secretariats, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for these vulnerable groups.

Additionally, the 11,660 individuals residing in elderly homes, children’s homes, disabled centers, and religious places will continue to receive their allowances without alterations until a new policy is formulated for their support.

The government is now urging all eligible recipients to open bank accounts as soon as possible to receive the welfare benefits. By providing necessary banking information, beneficiaries can access the financial assistance seamlessly, thereby promoting financial inclusion and a more streamlined distribution process.


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