National Diploma holders and new graduates will be recruited as teachers for 2021 to fill vacancies in National Schools, Education Minister Prof.G.L.Peiris said in Parliament. Peiris further stated that the said appointments will be made within the Divisional Secretariat.

Minister Peiris said that a balance will be drawn between national schools and provincial council schools in the future and plans are on to fill the gaps in these schools in a systematic manner based on the manner in which allocations are made and the time allotted.

Prof.Peiris made these observations in reply to a question raised by MP K.Nelson, concerning the steps taken by the government to develop underprivileged schools in the Polonnaruwa District.

New teacher recruits this year fill vacancies in National Schools.

Sanitary facilities have been provided to 11 schools in the Polonnaruwa District during the year 2020 as a special plan to provide sanitary and other basic facilities to schools, Minister Peiris also explained.

The Minister further said that schools with shortage of drinking water and sanitary facilities in the Polonnaruwa District will be developed as soon as possible.

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