In a significant development, Minister Shehan Semasinghe announced today that an additional 300,000 families have been incorporated into the ‘Aswesuma’ social welfare programme. This expansion comes after careful consideration of 700,000 appeals and objections received from various quarters.

It has been revealed that 5,209 families have been disqualified from the ‘Aswesuma’ social welfare programme. The decision to exclude these families follows a thorough review process conducted by the authorities.

The ‘Aswesuma’ programme, aimed at providing crucial support to vulnerable families, has now surpassed a milestone, with over 1.7 million families benefitting from its initiatives.

The expansion is expected to have a positive impact on communities nationwide, providing essential assistance to families facing economic challenges. The government remains dedicated to fostering social welfare and inclusivity, ensuring that support reaches every corner of the country.