Sri Lanka team will meet with Pakistan on September 11th in the Asia Cup final match which will be held at the Dubai International Stadium. Sri Lanka have not been able to win the Asia Cup for 8 years. Sri Lanka, who have won 5 championships in the history of Asia Cup, will compete today to win the 6th.

The last time the Sri Lankan team won an Asian championship was in the tournament held in Bangladesh in 2014. At that time too, the Pakistani team became the opponent of Sri Lanka and after winning by 5 wickets, Sri Lanka was crowned as the champions of that tournament. Also, it is the fourth time that the two teams are playing in a final match under this tournament.

Sri Lanka’s name was not included among the teams that will win the championship of this year’s tournament after losing the match against Afghanistan at the start of the Asian Cup. It is notable that Sri Lanka won all 3 matches in that round and won the finals as the only undefeated country in that round, despite qualifying for the top 4 teams by winning against Bangladesh in the preliminary round.