Another Sri Lankan woman has been reported missing amidst the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine, the Sri Lanka Embassy in Israel announced.

Accordingly, so far one Sri Lankan living in Israel has sustained minor injuries, while o2 others are reported missing, amidst the escalated Israel-Palastine conflict, according to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Israel.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) yesterday (08) asserted that the Sri Lankan government is working together with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel to ensure the safety of Sri Lankans employed in Israel.

The SLBFE also mentioned that if a Sri Lankan living in Israel has undergone any issue due to the conflict situation, information can be referred to the contact number 0094 – 716640560 via WhatsApp.

Moreover, if anyone needs to seek information on Sri Lankans living in Israel, information can be accessed by contacting the hotline number 1989, according to the SLBFE.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday that Sri Lanka Missions in Tel Aviv and Ramallah are monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with Sri Lankans living in the affected areas.