The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya has issued an announcement on the reopening of the faculties, following the temporary closure earlier this week.

As such, the Faculties of Science, Computer Technology, and Management Studies will be reopened on December 11 (Monday).

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is slated to reopen on December 18.

All faculties of Kelaniya University, excluding the Faculty of Medicine, were closed on Monday (Dec.04) until further notice after an alleged assault incident. Students were instructed to vacate their respective hostels before 8.00 a.m. on Tuesday (Dec.05).

The decision was taken after an alleged incident of a security officer of the university being abducted and assaulted while he was sleeping in the break room at night. Later, he had reportedly been tied to the entrance gate at the Student Centre.

The Vice Chancellor said the incident challenged the peaceful atmosphere which hitherto prevailed among the students and the non-academic staff members and vowed to take disciplinary action against those responsible.

On Dec.05, four students were suspended in connection with the alleged incident.