Today, Amnesty International along with other organisations around the world, are planning a joint Global Day of Action to keep up the momentum and amplify the call for a sustained ceasefire in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. So far there have been over 3 million signatures from people all over the world who are demanding a ceasefire.

Since 7 October, bloodshed and suffering have reached unparalleled intensity and scale in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and civilians continue to face indiscriminate attacks in Israel. Inside Gaza, 1.8 million people – nearly 80% of the population – have been forcibly displaced and civilians are struggling to survive amid a catastrophic humanitarian crisis, with desperate shortages of food, clean water, and fuel, as a result of Israel’s illegal and inhuman blockade.

A ceasefire is the best way to ensure all civilians are protected across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and to alleviate mass humanitarian suffering in Gaza.