The deadline of submitting applications to the schools for scholarships offered by the President’s Fund for Advanced Level students has been set for 22 December.

As per the instructions issued by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to commence the scholarship program for GCE Advanced level students, based on the results of this year’s General Certificate of Education examination of last year as well as this year, the applications were invited from 01 December.

In order to cover all 100 educational zones of the island, 50 students will be selected from each zone and scholarships of Rs. 6000 per month will be granted to 5000 students.

For the year 2022 (2023), eligibility criteria for applications include having appeared for the G.E.C. (O/L) Examination for the first time, successfully passing the examination and qualifying for Advanced Level studies. 

Additionally, applicants must be students enrolled in public or private schools without tuition fees and their family’s monthly income should not exceed Rs. 100,000 to meet the basic eligibility requirement for these scholarships.

The application form and relevant details for this scholarship program are available for download on the websites of the President’s Secretariat, the President’s Fund and the President’s Media Division

Upon completing the applications accurately, students concerned should make arrangements to submit the applications to the principal of the school where they appeared for the G.C.E. O/L Examination before 22 December 2023.

The President’s Fund urges all eligible students to submit their applications on or before 22 December, as the validity period is not anticipated to be further extended.


Applications Online from sitting GCE A/L Exam