Nearly 4,000 Sri Lankan women are reported to have been suffering from breast cancer each year, nearly 1,000 women die annually due to breast cancer, the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) said.

They said the disease burden entails family and social losses to the community and an economic burden on the government health sector for advanced treatment options.

The official website was launched today to make people aware of the disease and support the implementation of the Strategy for Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC 2021) mobilizing citizens to fight against breast cancer while using an innovative and client friendly approach to ensure trustworthiness and efficiency.

The clinical services will be expanded to Matara, Jaffna, and Ratnapura districts within the next year and will be linked to other CEDCs as centres develop. Until then, the possibility of establishing links with 26 breast cancer treatment clinics will be investigated.

source daily mirror