Indicating the rapid spread of Dengue, Sri Lanka has registered exactly 1,000 cases within the last three days.

Accordingly, around 300 cases have been logged per day.

Speaking on the situation, Director of the National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU), Dr. Nalin Ariyaratne said the country has again reached the stage where an average of 250 cases are recorded per day.  

According to the director, dengue cases are pegged to increase owing to the prevailing rainy conditions.

“Hence, people are urged to keep their surroundings clean and destroy mosquito breeding places in order to keep dengue at bay,” he added.

As of December 04, a total of 77,487 cases have been reported in 2023, with the highest number being from the Colombo district, which stood at 16,363.

In addition, the Western Province has recorded 36,266 cases, the highest province-wise, which represents over 47 percent of the total cases.

-daily mirror

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