Chicken with skin at Rs.1,250 per kilo from today

Uncooked chicken legs in row isolated on white background, top view

The Poultry Producers’ Associations have agreed to sell chicken with skin at a price of Rs.1,250 per kg in all supermarkets from September 02, while reducing the price by more than a hundred rupees.

A discussion related to reducing the price of chicken and eggs was held on Sep (01) under the chairmanship of Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera at the Ministry.

All the industrialists who currently produce chicken in our country as well as eggs on a large scale participated in the discussion During the meeting the minister said the government has approved the import of another 91 million eggs from India to control the price of eggs.

He also emphasized that if the price of chicken is not reduced, the government will have to import chicken from India to protect the consumers.

“Although our country is self-sufficient in chicken and eggs, the increase in the price of eggs and chicken has become a problem for the protein needs of the country,” the m Minister said.

Therefore, in order to protect this industry, the price of eggs and chicken must be reduced, the minister also pointed out.


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